How can you know when a startup turns into a business?

The recent story about the IPO of Uber as well as WeWork is not just some stories of overreach by these entrepreneurs. The IPO of Uber fell way short of the valuation that was predicted for it. Its valuation was predicted at a hundred billion dollars. Om the other hand WeWork which has recently been rebranded as We have cut down its valuation from forty-seven billion dollars to ten billion dollars. WeWork’s public offering was postponed and it was on the verge of bankruptcy, but it was saved by its biggest shareholder. The disappointment that these public offerings became has a lot to tell about the end of a long list of IPO’s of recent years which have seen crazy high valuations. If we take into consideration profitability, then with or without IPO Uber and WeWork are till now startups and we cannot call them businesses. You can also get a fair idea regarding this by searching ‘startup here enterprise Toronto‘ on the internet if you live in Toronto for example. For self-sustainable enterprises that produce value, five things are required.

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A business model that has been proven 

If someone wants to get a descriptive idea regarding how a satisfactory amount of profit is made by a company then the best way to do so is by looking at its business model. A business model gives a detailed account regarding the product that the company has to offer, how the particular product or service has been created as well as delivered, who are the target customers, the way to find them, the plan of selling the product and the cost of the product.

A sales process that has been proven 

Every product, as well as service which has some amount of customers, needs a process for sales that does both the job of finding the target customers as well as converting a significant portion of them into the company’s customer and doing all this at a definable cost.

Customer Satisfaction that is proven 

In a viable business, the value of a product that is seen by a customer and in what way that value is created as well as being delivered in a way that a good reputation is earned by the company is understood.

A competitive advantage over competition that is proven 

It is a well-known fact that all good ideas are copied someday. Hence, every company which is out there in the market should not only show the advantage that they have over their potential competitors but also how the advantage that they have over their competitors can be maintained.

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Operations which are reliable as well as appropriately scalable 

No service or product can be delivered without reliable operations. Without scalable operations, there isn’t a scope to accommodate new customers. It means that the price of an extra unit should be lower or at least equal as compared to the last unit.

These are the points that are required by self-sustainable enterprises. These points help in knowing the difference between a startup and a business. Uber, as well as WeWork, had all the above-given features except one when they went public. They didn’t have a profitable business model. So they can be considered as Startups and not a business.

5 Features to Consider When Selecting Visitor Management Systems

When a business plans to install a visitor management system (VMS) within their facility, one needs to be very careful. Even though visitor badge system can come with an all-inclusive solution, there should be a feature to customize it. Customization can help to meet the specific security needs of clients.

However, if you are planning to install a VMS within your facility, you should first try to know whether a VMS can be the right solution for your business. For this reason, one needs to check out the key features of a visitor management system.

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Key Features

The valuable features that one expects to see in a visitor management system are as follows:


Visitor badge system can offer an extra layer of physical security. Organizations apart from having a great level of physical security might need a strict visitor management process. Visitor management solutions can maintain their compliance.

Any efficient VMS will try to keep a record of their visitors like their personal details, picture, and digital signature. It would streamline the check-in process for future. The digital footprint can ensure the required information gets displayed at the entry points.visitor badge system

Integrated Security

VMS is designed in such a way that it can improve the security level greatly. The digital record of the visitors’ entry time and exit time can be of great help. Integrating with third-party security systems can make a visitor management system stand apart.

Here, augmenting the on-site security can be achieved with watch list integration. Security officials can be alerted when intruders try to enter the facility. Hence, security officials can easily deal with the security threats. Moreover, through visitor badge system a guest profile can be set so that restricted access to guests can be set.


User-friendly Design

A good VMS should be able to provide a perceptive user-experience. As a matter of fact, great can provide a complex set of functionality w

ithout conceding on the usability. Also, having a good interface is important so that it can be adapted easily. However, businesses need to ensure that the staff goes through a minimal training so that they can operate it.



A VMS should have the ability to design reports that a business might need to check in order to know who is present at the site. The valuable insight offered by the VMS can help one to learn the flow of visitors and contractors. It can help in the management of the facility in a better way. Visitor badge system thus offers businesses the ability to capture and use the data to get a picture about the regularity of visits. Based on it, an analysis can be made.



Many providers of VMS mention that it lacks scalability. Hence, some VMS is not able to serve enterprise level organizations having offices in different locations across the globe. Only a scalable VMS can roll out opportunities for a business.

Visitor badge system offers a web-based solution so that the security features can be remotely balanced. However, before taking up any VMS, it is important to ensure of its scalability. Scalable VMS solution can be great for the business.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

It is important for your website to be mobile optimized for reaching out to much audience at a time. Mobile is now a part of everyone’s life and they are always hooked to the device. So if your website can be searched from mobile devices then definitely the rank of your website will increase according to Google rank. So it is important to make websites that are compatible to mobile devices along with other devices. How to increase the rank of your website in the Google search can be well explained by Best SEO agency in Vancouver.  seo agency vancouver

Factors Considered For The Designing Of The Website:

According to best SEO agency in Vancouver, there are several factors that are to be taken into account. Following are the factors which are taken into consideration by the companies so that their websites are compatible with mobile devices as well as other devices too.

  • The design of the website made for the mobile devices must be exactly the same with the standard site that has been made.
  • To get a more clean and sophisticated appearance of the website use enough amount of white space in entire area of the website
  • Best SEO agency in Vancouver will try to avoid use of java or flash software because they are not compatible to all operating system of mobile phones
  • Use dropdown menus as many as possible along with checklists and fields that are pre populated as the primary source of data entry in the website
  • Never use cookies, tables, nested tables, frames and pop-ups when making the website for mobile phones
  • Try to interpret the dimensions as percentages
  • Interpreting the dimensions in pixels, inches and millimeters should be avoided because mobile sometimes do not accept those kind of measurement
  • The font, alignment, space, layout and size of the website must be done in such a way that the website can be seen fully and perfectly fits into the screen of all mobile devices

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Benefits of Making Mobile Friendly Website:

As mobile phones have become an essential part of everybody’s life website must be done in such a way that they are compatible with the operating system of these devices. Best SEO agency in Vancouver shows us various benefits of mobile friendly websites. The benefits are as follows.

  • The user experience is better and improved in case of mobile friendly websites.
  • The average time a person spends on the website is increased because they can look upon the website at any time of the day as they are carrying their mobile phones everywhere.
  • It is easier to navigate the pages of the website in a mobile than any other devices and the navigation is much faster than others.
  • The mobile friendly website also has some advantage of competition with other websites as the website can be reached for a number of times from mobile.
  • The website can be reached by customers at any time resulting in the increased rank in respect of search engine optimization which is advantageous for best SEO agency in Vancouver.
  • Sometimes it can happen that the website tales a lot of time for loading in any device which can be avoided if the same website can be opened with mobile phones. Read here more to find some tips for finding the right SEO company for your business!

Seasonal Home Improvement Services Can Acquire More Targeted Clients with SEO

When people search for seasonal home improvement project, they take the help of the internet. According to a report published by Google, it has been found out that more than 53% searches are made online. Most people don’t go beyond the first two pages of Google in order to find about a particular business.

Hence, from this study it can be very well understand that businesses should hire the best SEO company so that their website can appear within the first spot of SERPs. Only when a business appears in the top ranking position, it can easily help a business to gain required amount of traffic.

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Capturing Traffic

Most businesses wonder about the best way with which they can get targeted customers. Studies have shown that seasonal home improvement business can gain quality lead for their business is with the help of SEO.

Can SEO Help to Drive Targeted Traffic?

It is one of the most common questions that most businesses come up with when they think of hiring SEO services for driving traffic to their site. Well, the best SEO companies can help any business to reach a new level. Basically, it can help a business to reach out to targeted customers can gain more leads.

Well, before SEO agencies can help a business gain huge amount of traffic or leads, it is important for a business to understand about SEO. Marketing forms a huge part of a business and SEO forms an integral part of it. SEO experts feel that the key to gain more leads for a business is to optimize it for the search engines.

Strategies That Can Help In Gaining More Leads

The best SEO company can make use of following strategies in order to help seasonal home improvement providers gain more traffic and leads.

Targeting Local Keyword

It would be better for a business to focus on the locality where business is locates. Using local target keywords can gain the attention of audiences as well as search engines. Keywords with low search volume can help a business to stand out in the crowd. Once the site starts to rank on the top of SERPs it can help a business to gain huge flow of customers.

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Business Listing

Best SEO company feels that season home improvement services provider should enlist their business across online directories. Not only can it help in marketing efforts but a business can appear on the SERP. It can help a business to gain valuable amount of traffic.


Posting fresh unique content across credible websites and linking it back to the business website can help a business to gain reasonable amount of traffic.

Using Alt Tags in Images

Best SEO company professional feels that one of the leading ways to gain huge amount of targeted clients is by adding descriptive texts on the ALT tag images. When Alt tag is used it can improve the chance of the image appearing in search results.

Professional SEO experts can help seasonal home improvement service providers to gain high quality traffic for their site. For this they would make use of right SEO strategies and help a business achieve their targeted traffic.

Why is Online Proofreading Services So Important?

Proofreading of writing material is the concluding step which is taken before the document is submitted or published. When the proofreading is done for any kind of document it can be said that it is complete. The important step is to proofread any kind of document whether it is an essay, research paper, memo or any other written document. It is easy to perform the task of proofreading of any article or written document with the help of online proofreading services that are available now. You cannot a written material to be complete without proofreading.

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The Process of Proofreading:

Proofreading process is based on the strategies that online proofreading services have acquired all the years of work. People may think that the procedure is the same but in reality it is different for kinds of documents. This is because each and every material is unique in its nature. The paperwork is scrutinized thoroughly by the proofreaders. They try to understand the type of the document and perform the required proofreading task. There are some guidelines that are to be followed by the proofreaders to check the materials. Different materials have different guidelines applied for them. It is a tedious job but before printing or publishing it is absolutely necessary to proofread the document.

What is the Purpose of Proofreading?

You may think that it is not necessary to proofread your written document as you have written it very carefully. But there might be some faults in your writing and spelling.  Proofreading helps to find out the minor faults and spelling mistakes of the documents. In this blog you will find out the reasons for proofreading your written document.

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The reasons are:

  • It can turn the document into a great piece of writing
  • The structure of the write up is maintained
  • Paragraphs and sentences can be checked
  • Minor spelling mistakes are also taken into account
  • It make sure that one idea flows smoothly into another
  • Logical and concise writings are considered in the top grades


The Need for a Professional Proofreader:

Online proofreading services include professional proofreaders who help you out with the checking and evaluation of the document that you have written. You can definitely edit the document on your own, but it is more useful if you take the help of an expert for this. Here are the benefits of using a professional for this.

  • They have a vast knowledge and hold on the English language. So they can clearly make out the mistakes in the document for the writing part.
  • Grammatical errors and punctuations marks are easily identified by a professional which can be skipped by you sometimes. Also the structure of the sentence, use of words and the style of writing can also be changed by them.
  • Proofreading is a time consuming task which can make your other works delay. For that you can easily rely on online proofreading services or professionals for editing the documents so that you can concentrate on other tasks.
  • Error free document is needed for finally publishing or printing the written material. For that the document must be checked and rechecked for finding out the mistakes. Professionals can help you in this matter quite easily.

Try out online proofreading services and make your document error free and clear before it is published or printed.