5 Features to Consider When Selecting Visitor Management Systems

When a business plans to install a visitor management system (VMS) within their facility, one needs to be very careful. Even though visitor badge system can come with an all-inclusive solution, there should be a feature to customize it. Customization can help to meet the specific security needs of clients.

However, if you are planning to install a VMS within your facility, you should first try to know whether a VMS can be the right solution for your business. For this reason, one needs to check out the key features of a visitor management system.

visitor badge system

Key Features

The valuable features that one expects to see in a visitor management system are as follows:


Visitor badge system can offer an extra layer of physical security. Organizations apart from having a great level of physical security might need a strict visitor management process. Visitor management solutions can maintain their compliance.

Any efficient VMS will try to keep a record of their visitors like their personal details, picture, and digital signature. It would streamline the check-in process for future. The digital footprint can ensure the required information gets displayed at the entry points.visitor badge system

Integrated Security

VMS is designed in such a way that it can improve the security level greatly. The digital record of the visitors’ entry time and exit time can be of great help. Integrating with third-party security systems can make a visitor management system stand apart.

Here, augmenting the on-site security can be achieved with watch list integration. Security officials can be alerted when intruders try to enter the facility. Hence, security officials can easily deal with the security threats. Moreover, through visitor badge system a guest profile can be set so that restricted access to guests can be set.


User-friendly Design

A good VMS should be able to provide a perceptive user-experience. As a matter of fact, great can provide a complex set of functionality w

ithout conceding on the usability. Also, having a good interface is important so that it can be adapted easily. However, businesses need to ensure that the staff goes through a minimal training so that they can operate it.



A VMS should have the ability to design reports that a business might need to check in order to know who is present at the site. The valuable insight offered by the VMS can help one to learn the flow of visitors and contractors. It can help in the management of the facility in a better way. Visitor badge system thus offers businesses the ability to capture and use the data to get a picture about the regularity of visits. Based on it, an analysis can be made.



Many providers of VMS mention that it lacks scalability. Hence, some VMS is not able to serve enterprise level organizations having offices in different locations across the globe. Only a scalable VMS can roll out opportunities for a business.

Visitor badge system offers a web-based solution so that the security features can be remotely balanced. However, before taking up any VMS, it is important to ensure of its scalability. Scalable VMS solution can be great for the business.